What is Special about The Old Rectory Nursery?

Unlike many other nurseries The Old Rectory Nursery is based on the family, albeit a large one; a family comprising adults and children of different ages and abilities. We believe this approach mirrors a family in the truest sense, so there are times during the day when the ages are integrated. This enables the babies and younger children to gain extra interaction and stimulus from the other children, who in turn learn to respect and care for those younger and less able than themselves. As there are plenty of adults around there is always time for that special cuddle.

However there are times when the children are re-grouped into special rooms for babies, toddlers and preschool, to enable staff to foster abilities relevant to their peer group. This is done under the guidance of the Early Years Foundation Stage principles and our own experience. We can offer 2 year FEEE, 3 year FEEE as well as the 30 hours FEEE, providing you meet the necessary criteria.

To you, your child is the most precious in the world, and therefore the quality of care, stimulation and education provided is of the utmost importance. Appreciating this, every child is treated as an individual and we offer them the opportunity to learn through many different aspects of play - play is the most important activity at this impressionable stage of their life.

Whatever the age of your child, their learning is delivered in a way which makes it FUN.