Development at The Old Rectory Nursery

Development at The Old Rectory Nursery

From the day they start at out nursery every child's achievement are recorded in their own online learning journey. This is called tapestry. By using an online learning journey it is easy for you to add achievements of your child on to their file.

Relevant reports are forwarded to their in-taking mainstream school.

Our aim is for your child to develop his/her full potential whilst gaining confidence through positive experiences during their time at our nursery.


Outings and Experiences at The Old Rectory Nursery

These are organised in line with your child's formal learning to broaden their experience of life. They will include trips to the library, shops, to the park or to feed the ducks or see the horses. The toddlers and preschool children also have a summer trip once a year whilst the babies enjoy a fun day at nursery.